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Aircraft Management

You purchase an aircraft to improve your productivity, flexibility, and lifestyle; however, keeping your aircraft safe and legal can be complex and confusing due to changing FAA regulations, airworthiness directives, and service bulletins. 

Instead of focusing your time and resources on managing your aircraft, let PFQ Aviation handle these responsibilities with our aircraft management services.

Aircraft management services encompass a wide range of specialties such as: 

  • Federal regulation compliance. 

  • In-depth knowledge of safety standards. 

  • Ability to analyze and assess potential risks.

  • Getting the best fuel rates for your aircraft 

  • Managing all maintenance aspects to get the best rates and quality for your aircraft.


These Items alone can make maintaining private aircraft time- and cost-intensive.


PFQ Aviation's aircraft management services can streamline the process of owning a private aircraft, so that you enjoy all the benefits without sacrificing all the time.

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